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I’ve moved September 13, 2012

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Hey!  The contents of this blog (and new stuff besides) have moved to Hope to see you over there.


FO September 14, 2010

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Updates soon July 7, 2010

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The once-a-week goal obviously didn’t work out. However, I have a couple of finished items that I would like to post pictures of.

I also discovered! It has been great for me since I knew I would never, ever be able to actually sit and cut and glue and arrange pages of photos. Now I can do it digitally without the mess and then order prints when I’m done. Even better, I can publish it for family to see and they can order prints of the pages they like!


FO – and a knitted gift! September 24, 2009

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I finished Olivia’s undershirt, which was made of stash yarn left over from my mom’s Christmas gift last year.  I have yet to get some pictures of that item…  I was supposed to knit it in the round, but my needles had too long of a cable between them and I impatiently decided to knit two sides flat and sew them together instead.  The result is very similar to the pattern in Interweave Knits Fall ’09.  Crocheted edging always evens things out.  The Shine Sport yarn from is so soft!  I love it!








I have enough left to make a small newborn hat for Livvy, so that’s already begun.  I love knitting in the round, but I confess I hate double-ended needles!  I just have the hardest time working around all those pointy ends.  Usually by the third or fourth round I’ve managed to get some kind of rhythm going, but I often end up starting over and over at the first round, unsatisfied with my cast-on over multiple needles.

The second set of photos is of a wonderful, beautiful, soft and colorful baby blanket that my awesome friend Jef knitted for Olivia!  I couldn’t believe how great it is!  My guess is that he started directly after hearing about our baby, because people have only known for 3 months (we announced around 2 months, just after we found out ourselves).  Jef is the king of patient, even stitches.  The entire blanket is impossibly uniform garter stitch – yes, simple, but it’s about 4 feet wide and 6 feet long, and I think he probably knitted it on a pair of straight needles.  I’ve made a similar attempt before, and it’s kinda hard to do it right.  The photos don’t really reflect how dark and rich the purple is.


Work in Progress (and why I’ve been away) September 19, 2009

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Months 2-4 of Pregnancy

Months 2-4 of Pregnancy

…Aaaand here is why I haven’t put up a post in ages.  My latest work in progress is a baby girl!  We’re calling her Olivia.  I just completed 5 months (I need to take a new picture, since I’m already much bigger than I was even a month ago).  Soon I’ll have a couple of cute FO’s to post that have been made for her.  The yarn from the evening top below has been ripped to provide stash for a cute little undershirt I’m making from the pattern in Interweave Knits Fall ’09.  Some too-small booties are also in progress – now that I know, I’ll be making bigger ones soon, too. 

I started crocheting a blanket in my first trimester, but had to put all my knitting/crocheting away for several months since I began to associate it with my nausea.  Now that all that has passed and I feel great, I’m getting creative again.  That’s the latest and I hope to have more detailed posts in the future!


Not dead yet! February 23, 2009

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School was busting my butt for a while, but things seem to be evening out. Who knew hard science would be so… hard? Okay, I guess everyone does.

However, I have been knitting and need to take some pictures and post them! I have a hat, several head bands (only one of which I like enough to wear) and my Gramma Cathy’s shawl which was intended to be her Christmas present and now will be a “get well soon” present since she’s spending time in the hospital. I apparently can’t judge how much yarn I need for a project – but in a good way. I now have several extra stash balls in several yarn types because I overestimated the amount to purchase on several projects. I usually end up subbing yarn because I don’t like to order it online – I go to the store for fun instead. So I tend to try to cover my bases and it’s worked out in my favor. I have a LOT of extra yarn, which means I get to play with it on projects for myself! Pictures posted THIS WEEKEND at the latest.


I haven’t abandoned the blog… January 16, 2009

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Updates will be slow for a bit while I get into a new routine.  I’m starting school next week and getting over illness this week.  I know that sounds like a great time to knit, but it’s the kind of sick where I go to work all day, and then I get home with nuthin’ left, so I go to bed.  I’ve been getting curious about embroidery lately, but still have a ton of projects to finish before I go anywhere with that!  More pictures and projects soon; promise.