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liver love August 20, 2010

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I was thinking about our bodies and habits the other day and got to thinking about organs specifically.  Most of our parts complain if we don’t treat them right.  We coddle our sour stomachs after a night of beer and hot dogs, we favor our extremities if they are sore after exercising too hard.  We eat foods that bust cholesterol for the sake of our hearts and drink lots of water to help out the kidneys.  But what about the liver?  The liver never complains, in my experience.  My liver is such a champ – taking junk food and alcohol and breaking it down for me, no sweat.  No whining, no odd, hard-to-place pains.  So I thought I’d try to find out what I could do to reward my little trooper!

It turns out that most of my diet already is the reward to my liver.  The typical rainbow-colored fruits and veggies that are recommended for our health are also recommended for our livers, to help them detoxify, produce new cells, and continue to be all-around bad asses.

Here are some stock photos of my very favorite liver friendly foods:

I also found a recipe for “Liquid Green Drink” which is supposed to regenerate your liver… I don’t know if that should be regenerate or rejuvenate, but it still sounds neat.


1 lemon’s juice
1 tbsp chlorophyll
1 tbsp aloe vera juice
8 oz water

I would add to that 1 tbsp agave nectar, unless the aloe vera juice is pre-sweetened.  Sounds fairly inoffensive to me!


Gorgeous Saturday May 15, 2010

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First of all, it’s a beautiful day here in Austin.  It rained all yesterday and last night, but today is clear and sunny.  The flowers in my front yard are blooming:


The calla lilies were a Mother’s Day gift and thank goodness I managed to get them in the ground before they wilted and died.  I want a garden, but don’t have much of a green thumb so far.  I also potted the moss rose just a few weeks ago and have so far managed to keep it alive. 


The lilies were put in by the previous owners and I don’t know that we would have really seen them for what they are except that we’ve had so much rain this year.  They have been amazing!

I got the chance to make new friends and purchase a ton of fabric for next to nothing today… I’m not sure what projects I’ll use everything for, but it’s all so useful!  Some gentlemen in town posted the fabric sale on craigslist, so my friend Mel and I went over (with Olivia and Ashton, our daughters, of course) and ransacked the fabric stock.  I ended up with some great patterns, buttons, and ribbon as well.  Benson, who was selling the fabric, even gave some of the buttons to me, since they were for Oli!  I’m determined to make a few things for her this summer, so now I’m feeling much more equipped.  I just need a couple of nice patterns to round everything out, and once my sewing machine is back from repairs, I’ll be able to get started.

I also received free fabric from Mel last night.  She brought it over for our first stitch n’ bitch, which went so well that we’re going to make it a weekly gig.  My sister in law Marcia joined us too.  She’s been working on an order of dream catchers for a lady she met at a craft fair.


Biscuit likes Mel’s taste in fabrics…

I’m feeling like the patterns have come back around again… I especially like the halter top in the first and the short dresses in the second.

And now to end this post … gratuitous naked baby!