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So many, many things to update May 12, 2010

Filed under: Knitting and Crocheting,Sewing — lalunaunita @ 8:35 pm

Now that life seems to be settling into a hectic but manageable pace, I’m going to attempt to update once a week if I can.  I have several FOs, the most important being little Olivia, who is now 4 months old!  She’s beautiful!  And I knit her together in my very own womb. 

She’s starting to grow a lot of personality.  She’s a very laid back baby (she gets that from her dad).  She likes to laugh all the time (she gets that from me).  As I told my cousin the other day, if I’d had any idea kids were this fun, I would have had one years ago.

Here she is in a onesy I embroidered for her (inside joke with her dad):

I embroidered a little towel for her last week with her name on it.  I learned the joy of project planning with this project and I think I’m going to continue with the same process for future projects.  I discovered that planning with a sketch book is nearly as much fun as the actual project!  I also felt much more confident working from something I had written out, rather than making decisions right on the spot.  The finished product does not exactly match the towel envisioned in the planning stage.  However, I felt confident about making changes as well, since I had had time to reflect on my original concept.

You can see that instead of the “heart” flowers I originally chose, I embroidered a different style of flower that I found on a scrap of fabric from another project.  I also nixed the second line of ribbon and went across the top with a line of herringbone embroidery in green instead.  I let Lyndon pick the color for the herringbone line.  Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with the result and I’m already envisioning a little 3 year old Oli using it to dry her hands in a few years. *happy sigh*


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