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FOs! November 8, 2009

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Just a couple of things:

This is a hat for Olivia – it’ll probably be the first hat she wears on her head!  It’s made of the same knitpicks shine sport yarn that I made her little shirt out of.  I’m also working on a cardigan that matches in the same yarn, but I kind of got bored and stalled out.  There’s only a sleeve left and then some finishing, so I’m not worried about not finishing it.

I also knitted myself a quick cowl to work on my yarn-over skills:

Now I’m working on my dad’s Christmas scarf.  It’s kind of a “patchwork” scarf of different stitch patterns.  I hope it doesn’t turn out too ugly!

I also bought yarn today for a couple of other Christmas projects.  I’m only making a total of 3 Christmas presents out of yarn – I don’t have the time to make more and I don’t want to stress myself out about it this year.  I’m considering one good weekend of baking instead.

And, of course, an update to my most important project:

These are photos of months 5 and 6 of my pregnancy.  We’re rounding the bend of month 7.  She’s almost here!