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Work in Progress (and why I’ve been away) September 19, 2009

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Months 2-4 of Pregnancy

Months 2-4 of Pregnancy

…Aaaand here is why I haven’t put up a post in ages.  My latest work in progress is a baby girl!  We’re calling her Olivia.  I just completed 5 months (I need to take a new picture, since I’m already much bigger than I was even a month ago).  Soon I’ll have a couple of cute FO’s to post that have been made for her.  The yarn from the evening top below has been ripped to provide stash for a cute little undershirt I’m making from the pattern in Interweave Knits Fall ’09.  Some too-small booties are also in progress – now that I know, I’ll be making bigger ones soon, too. 

I started crocheting a blanket in my first trimester, but had to put all my knitting/crocheting away for several months since I began to associate it with my nausea.  Now that all that has passed and I feel great, I’m getting creative again.  That’s the latest and I hope to have more detailed posts in the future!


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