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Old FO’s and a WIP March 1, 2009

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As promised, a few pictures of things I’ve been working on – and I’m playing with the collage maker on my Picasa software, so apologies for my dorky “artistic” attempts!  I’ve never been good with visual composition, which is sad since I long had aspirations as a painter – in fact, the first 18 years of my life were spent with the expectation that painting would be my eventual career.  No worries; I still paint for fun. 🙂

Here’s my braided hat, taken from Lion Brand Yarn’s free pattern set:

Warm and cozy!

Warm and cozy!

And next, my fingerless gloves that I totally adore… the only problem is that the gray really lends itself to a “homeless chic” kind of look when I wear them with long sleeves.  With short sleeves on, they look much more fashionable.  I need to make some new ones in a brighter color, but at the time, I was trying out the pattern on scrap yarn and didn’t expect the result to turn out so well.  This is the pattern that taught me to cable – “Dashing”, which you can find on the Knitty website:


Hope that collage works!

A couple other things I’ve been working on:

First is curtains for the kitchen – just long sheets of muslin and some fun quilting squares I cut into pieces and patched onto the muslin.  I need to iron the finished product and trim loose strings, then I’ll put a final picture up of them hanging in our kitchenette area.  As you can see, Antigone was quite eager to help on this project (I edited out the picture in which she sits on my lap in the middle of working the sewing machine).


Last, I’m working on a scarf for my brother-in-law, Dom.  He’s tall, thin, English, and wears a brown fedora, so I’m hoping a manly crocheted scarf will suit.  Amusingly, the yarn I picked from is Fedora, one of their Wool of the Andes line.  I started by working the crochet width-wise (typical) but kind of got bored and didn’t get the result I wanted from playing around with different crochet stitches.  So I am working it length-wise, which is proving an interesting change, and I’ve been able to utilize a V-stitch pattern down one row, which is the holey part you can see in what is currently the center of the scarf.  I decided to do only one V-stitch row, and to leave it off center.  Once I’ve completed a few more rows, it will look a bit more asymmetrical.



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