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Not dead yet! February 23, 2009

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School was busting my butt for a while, but things seem to be evening out. Who knew hard science would be so… hard? Okay, I guess everyone does.

However, I have been knitting and need to take some pictures and post them! I have a hat, several head bands (only one of which I like enough to wear) and my Gramma Cathy’s shawl which was intended to be her Christmas present and now will be a “get well soon” present since she’s spending time in the hospital. I apparently can’t judge how much yarn I need for a project – but in a good way. I now have several extra stash balls in several yarn types because I overestimated the amount to purchase on several projects. I usually end up subbing yarn because I don’t like to order it online – I go to the store for fun instead. So I tend to try to cover my bases and it’s worked out in my favor. I have a LOT of extra yarn, which means I get to play with it on projects for myself! Pictures posted THIS WEEKEND at the latest.