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FO! December 26, 2008

Filed under: Knitting and Crocheting — lalunaunita @ 10:33 am

Here is the finished Ms. Marigold.  Blocking worked out great; it fits (almost) perfectly and I wore it for three days straight over three different shirts because I’m so delighted to have an FO that I love.  Also, the photo has me all dolled up for Christmas Eve service… I figured it was a great time to take pictures.  Hooray self-timer.


I can also reveal that I have another FO: Mom’s crocheted v-stitch wrap that I took from a pattern book at the library.  Since you’re probably the only one reading, Mom, I didn’t want to spill the beans before you opened your present.  I’ll get photos of the wrap up soon.  

I’ve finally succumbed to my cold, although I managed to fend it off so that I could enjoy both the Eve and Christmas Day with all the events, food, and family I could want.  Today I’m staying at home with Biscuit in my big-head dog pajamas.  Happy Holidays!



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