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In 2009… December 22, 2008

Filed under: Dreamin' — lalunaunita @ 2:20 pm

I’m not crossing my fingers for flying cars this year, but I think I do have some believable and accomplishable goals in store.

In 2009 I would like to:

– Knit my tree jacket in green cotton (another Zephyr pattern I got a couple years ago)
– Sew at least one dress
– Get good at knitting socks!  Thigh highs using Red Hots and knee highs using Taffy are in the planning stages.  Socks are good for the math brain.
– Complete one item for afghans for Afghans.  I’ve been lurking their site for at least a year now without contributing a single thing. 

Not related to knitting:

– Read my basic biology book and pass the self-testing course.  It’s only 20 chapters; shouldn’t take too long.
– Read the gi-normous stack of fiction and non-fiction by my bed.  I’ve been pulling a Mom and reading right when I go to bed, then conking out before getting 5 pages done.
– Redecorate (re: rearrange) the house and pare down possessions and junk.  A recession is not a good excuse for pack-ratting junk in my house.
– Renew funtime with Immy the dog… I think she’s getting a bit stir crazy with our insane weather patterns over the last month.  Wow, all my goals start with “R”.

My excitable pup (a pup no longer…):


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