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A Couple of Other Projects December 20, 2008

Filed under: Knitting and Crocheting — lalunaunita @ 4:12 pm

I’m blocking out a wool vest I made earlier this year using Zephyr’s Ms. Marigold pattern.  (The link has images to their perfect version of the completed pattern)  I made it in a gorgeous red brick wool yarn I found in Fredericksburg, Texas on the one-year-anniversary trip back in March.  I hope it fits right!  I don’t really know how to block, much less with wool.  I read a few articles about blocking and I’m taking a stab in the dark.  The “table” used in the photo below is my portable ironing board with two bath towels folded over it; I used quilting pins to pin down the vest.  I soaked the wool in cold water and stretched it to fit what I think will be a correct shape for my body.  We’ll see how it fits after it dries out.


I’m also working on stockings from a free Lion Brand pattern.  Rather than try to make these my own, I’m following the pattern to the letter… okay, I’m lying a little.  I really like how color changes look when you purl the color change row rather than the nice, even shift with the knit stitch in stockinette.  So even though this simple pattern is mostly in stockinette, I couldn’t resist purling the row when I should have knitted and getting a little funky color twist in there.  I hope mine look as good as the pattern photo when they’re finished.



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