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Volunteer Knitting Gig! December 18, 2008

Filed under: Knitting and Crocheting — lalunaunita @ 10:22 pm

I found a way to volunteer with my knitting through craigslist.  Austin Pets Alive needs what they term “kitty snuggles” – small pieces about a foot square for their cats and kittens to sit on while chillin’ at adoption events.  Here is a picture of Dot, one of their available kittens (maybe I’ll even get to meet her at an adoption event):


I am so excited to be able to help.  I’ve been on the email list of afghans for Afghans for quite a while, but haven’t yet contributed an item.  I think this will be the perfect way to warm up my needles for some charity knitting work! 

Here is Mrrr modeling the start of my first snuggle:


Just garter stitch, about 2 inches along so far.  Maybe I’ll get creative later; for now, I just want to get some finished since apparently APA needs about 30 of them.  How am I doing for yarn, you ask?  Oh, I have been lugging around some gross acrylic yarn from a kids’ project that took place about 5 years ago – I’m really happy to have an opportunity to use it up.


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